Totally Tropical Gift Pack

Totally Tropical Gift Pack

  • £14.99

Drench yourself in tropical vibes with pure essential oils to energise your skin.

Stick it to the Man-darin Soap

Rise up against boring bath times! This citrus rebel is full of Sweet Orange and Mandarin pure essential oils to wash away the mundanities of life!


Pineapple Expressed Blaster

Everybody's laughing on the Pineapple Expressed! Juicy fun and freedom with pure bergamot and grapefruit essential oils to pick you up and post you happy!


Strange Fruit Bath Mallow

We have fragranced this Mallow with nectarine and cliantro, strange fruit indeed!

Orange Soda Soap

Who loves Orange Soda!? We love Orange Soda! A zesty combination of mandarin and orange essential oils to revive the skin and give you a fizzy burst of energy!


Pineapple Prefect Body Butter

Stand and deliver with this glitter body butter! It contains 30% Shea butter and pure grapefruit and lemon essential oils to make you out shine the rest of the world...


Warning: Not suitable for small children under 3. Do not consume. If rash occurs, cease use and consult physician. Rinse bath well after use