Dear Brother Journal Of A Lifetime

Dear Brother Journal Of A Lifetime

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Capture stories, memories and experiences with the gift you give - and then get back!

A unique gift for your Brother, for him to share all his wonderful memories and stories with you.

Prompted by guided questions on each page, this journal is for your Brother to capture some of his life's key memories, experiences and feelings and tell his own story. On his own, or with you he can recall moments, funny stories and memories that make up her life.

There is room for photographs and mementos and when it is finished and returned to you, this will be a record of his story . . . one that you can treasure forever and pass on to future generations.

60 questions designed to inspire your Brother to enjoy telling his story describing the past, the present and the future.

When you get the completed keepsake journal returned to you, this will be one of the most emotional gifts you have ever received.

A great gift for your Brother.


20.7cm x 14.3cm