Blushing Tulips Scented Sachet

Blushing Tulips Scented Sachet

  • £3.49

These Greenleaf Scented Sachets are a great way to fragrance even the smallest of spaces. There eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and contain natural essential oils.

Specially blended oils are encapsulated for maximum strength and product life. Put Greenleaf Envelope Sachets in any room or even smallest of spaces. Each sachet will fragrance a room for up to four months. With no need for flames, these sachets continually release beautiful aromas that really last.

During the winter add a Scented Sachet to to top of your radiator to help the fragrance disperse around the room.

Ideal for your car, vacuum cleaner bags, simmering pot, closets, drawers, diaper bins, trash cans, they also make a special gift for any occasion!